CAT"I like the clear air here. Look at Robo! That tree is big!"

Robo "Hmm. This is a sanctuary at a place called Kamakura."

Robo "Thousands of years ago, it seems that there was an altar to worship the god, a shrine, and this tree is a symbol of that."

Robo "There is a record that I fell down once in a disaster, but the power of nature is wonderful."

CAT "This place is so comfortable, why?"

Robo: "The trees are absorbing the poison of this planet and releasing oxygen, so the air is clean."

Cat "Wood is amazing"

Robo "The essence of this planet is trees and water. It was destroyed by humanity forgetting it."

Cat "I want to be big like a tree too!"

Robo: "Ha ha ha, it will take thousands of years to grow into such a big tree, and you will eventually grow like me."

CAT "No, I also want to grow like a tree!"

Robo: " Ha ha ha ...."